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It's that time of year to start working on the upcoming candidates for 2020-2021 year. See below all information concerning elected positions per the ASNA by-laws. Please reach out to all districts to find a qualified slat of ASNA members to fill the following positions. Please be mindful that we need more than one person to run for office.  


Vice President (1 year)


Single Unit (2 year)Personnel Composed of child nutrition personnel assigned to one school, and /or child nutrition personnel who have responsibilities in a kitchen that serves more than one school, and/or child nutrition personnel who have responsibilities in more than one school but are not employed on a system-wide basis.


Standing committees.  There shall be the following standing committees of the Association: a. Nominating This committee shall consist of the two elected section chairpersons and a chairman appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board.  Responsibilities: i. Survey membership for potential candidates. 


Nominating Chair Cindi Day Moye cmoye@monroe.k12.al.us 

Elected chairpersons are: VP Donnette Worthy adworthy@tcss,net  & Multi Chair Tandy Blackwell tandy.blackwell@acs-k12.org.



ii. Verify eligibility of candidates. iii. Select two candidates for each position to be filled.

 iv. Election of the Association officers will be determined by a written ballot.  The Executive Board shall determine the timeline for elections and the notification of results at the first (change-over) meeting of the Executive Board each year and provide the determined timeline to the Nominating Chair at that meeting. 

v. Counts the ballots.  The chairman of the committee shall serve as the official teller and shall open and count the ballots at a meeting with the other two committee members or the proxies.  In case of a tie vote the committee will establish a random and objective method to determine the winning candidate. 

vi. Notifies the candidates of the election results.


ARTICLE V Officers


Section A.  Elected Officers.  The elected officers of the Association shall be a 

 1. President 

2. President-elect 

3. Vice-president 

4. Recording Secretary

 5. Multi-unit Chairman

 6. Single-unit Chairman


Section B.  Elections.  The election of officers shall be conducted by the Nominating Committee in accordance with the bylaws.  

 1. Notification of the slate of candidates, along with an absentee ballot request form, shall be provided by the Nominating Chair on the ASNA website or another more economical method by December 31.  

 2. These officers shall be elected by paper ballots cast by eligible members at the Annual Conference and by absentee ballots received by the determined cut-off date.   

3. The majority of votes cast shall constitute an election.  


1. Section C.  Eligibility.    All elected officers shall be active members of the School Nutrition Association and the Alabama School Nutrition Association.  The president, president-elect, and vice president shall remain actively employed in an eligible field for the duration of their terms. Vice President a. The nominee for Vice-President shall have served as a voting member of the Executive Board within the last five years.  b. Shall have attended three of the last five Annual State Conferences  

2. Section Chairmen a. The nominee for Section Chairman shall be employed and hold membership in the appropriate section at the time of nomination, election and term of office b. Shall have attended three of the last five Annual State Conferences 

3. Recording Secretary a. Shall have served on a Standing Committee or Special Committee within the last five years b. Shall have attended three of the last five Annual State Conferences 

4. No member shall be eligible to simultaneously hold more than one elected office but may be appointed to chair a special committee.


Section D.  

Terms of Office All elected officers shall assume office at the end of the School Nutrition Association’s Annual National Conference. 

  1. President:  The President shall be the chief elected officer and shall serve for one year.  Upon completion of the term of office, the president shall become a past president of the Association. 

2. President-elect:  the President-elect shall serve for one year, and assume the office of president at the end of the term as president-elect. 

3. Vice-President:  The Vice-President shall be elected annually and serve for one year, and succeeds to the office of president-elect at the end of the term as vice president.

 4. Recording Secretary:  The Recording Secretary shall be elected in even numbered years and shall serve for two years. 

5. Section Chairmen a. Single-unit Chair:  The Single Unit Chair shall be elected in odd numbered years and shall serve for two years b. Multi-unit Chair:  The Multi-Unit Chair shall be elected in even numbered years and shall serve for two years 

6. Industry Representative:  The industry representative shall be elected in odd numbered years by individual and corporate sustaining members only and shall serve for two years.


Section E.  Responsibilities of Officers 

1. President 

a. Represents the Association in policy matters and is the chief spokesperson 

b. Serve as Chair of the Executive Board and the Executive Committee 

c. Calls and preside at meetings. 

d. Prepares the agenda for Executive Board and Executive Committee meetings. 

e. Serves as ex officio member of all committees except the nominating committee. 

f. Appoints chairmen and committee members in accordance with bylaws.

g. Implements the Plan of Action and makes application for the appropriate award (gold, silver, or bronze) presented to states by the School Nutrition Association. h. Represents the Association in the School Nutrition Association’s House of Delegates. 

i. Plans and conducts a leadership-training workshop for incoming officers and Executive Board members prior to the beginning of term as President.


2. President-elect

 a. Studies the duties and responsibilities of the President, other members of the Executive Board, committees and district chairmen. 

b. Represents the Association at the School Nutrition Association’s House of Delegates. 

c. Serves as the Program Chairman for the annual conference. 

d. Performs the duties for the President in the President’s absence. 

e. Succeeds to the office of President i. At the end of the second State Conference following election; or ii. In the event the President cannot fulfill the duties of the office 


3. Vice-President 

a. Performs the duties of the President-Elect in the President-Elect’s absence. 

b. Coordinates all activities of standing committees, except the Nominating Committee, and the Industry Advisory Board 

c. Perform other duties as assigned by the Executive Board. 

d. Serves as first alternate delegate or third delegate to the School Nutrition Association’s House of Delegates. 

e. Succeeds to the office of President-Elect i. At the end of the first State Conference following election; or ii. In the event the President-elect cannot fulfill the duties of the office


 4. Recording Secretary 

a. Accurately records all minutes of the House, the annual Association Business meeting, Executive Board meetings and Executive meetings.

 b. Provides copies of minutes to Executive Board members within fifteen days of meeting via email or website. 

c. Maintains minutes of the Association in a permanent form and pass document to the succeeding recording secretary within ninety (90) days of election. 


5. Section Chairmen 

a. promotes the Association’s Plan of Action. 

b. Initiates, implements and/or coordinates appropriate studies or projects with the approval of the Executive Board. 

c. Expresses views of their section. 

d. Provides leadership, support, and technical assistance and resource lists of materials to members. 

e. Plans a section meeting for the annual state conference in cooperation with President-Elect. 

f. Promotes membership. 

g. Serves as a member of the Nominating Committee.


ASNA is excited to announce our partnership with First Taste TV to being our members “From the Show Floor”.

“From the Show Floor” is the first ever k12 On-Demand library where food service operators can find episodes of their favorite vendors that are accessible for viewing anytime, anywhere!

Viewers will get to experience the show floor through the power of video! First Taste TV is staging an actual tradeshow – where vendors will set up their booths and our “attendees” will visit each booth to see what products are available. How awesome is that?

The best part is that all videos will be organized in a vendor database for the food service operators. This database will have information that has been collected from the vendors and the viewers can use it as a tool to help figure out which videos they want to watch at a certain time. They will have access to these videos from Mid-November 2020 through June 2021.



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