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Hi Membership Champions,

Thank you for your continued efforts to recruit new SNA members!
We are still in the midst of scheduling conference calls with the different states to review state data, membership tools, etc. You will soon hear from myself, Laura Maynard, SNA Director of Membership and Credentialing or Dion Dears, SNA’s Membership Manager to schedule the calls if you haven’t had already had a conference call.
In the meantime, we wanted to share with you some great resources to help promote membership on social media. The membership flyer is attached to this email but you can also find social content to share by following this
 link. The content can all be found under “Membership Champion Resources” All the resources are available in Facebook, Twitter or Instagram format so you have many different ways to share!
To thank you for all your work, we also have created a digital Membership Champion buttons. The buttons are available in digital format (attached to this email) or you can complete the online form to receive an actual Membership Champion button free of charge. The buttons are really cool and are a great conversation starter when you are at state or national meetings!
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