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May 2018 Edition

Welcome to the May 2018 issue of SNA Communication (SNAC) Bites! SNAC Bites highlights new SNA programs and provides content for your state association publications, chapter meetings, & social media. In some cases, the content will need to be customized for your state association’s needs.


This issue includes:

1.       Early Bird Registration for #ANC18 Ends Soon, Don’t Miss Out!

2.       Don’t Forget to Join the Celebration on May 4!

3.       SNA Certificate Program – New Bridge Level Launching in July 2018

4.       Ethics are Critical to Your Program

5.       May is a Memorable Month for Webinars!

6.       Last Chance to Recruit Before the 2017-18 Membership Year Ends!

7.       Read the Latest Nutrition Research from the Journal of Child Nutrition & Management

8.       USDA FNS Releases Final Rule on Processing Donated Foods

9.       USDA FNS Announces PLE Guidance for SY 2018-19

10.   U.S. House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill

       11.  Have You Visited the Food Allergy Resource Center?


1. Early Bird Registration for #ANC18 Ends Soon, Don’t Miss Out!

Early bird registration for SNA’s 72nd Annual National Conference July 9-12 in Las Vegas is about to end on May 4. If you haven’t registered, don’t miss the School Nutrition Event of the Year! During #ANC18, attendees will have the opportunity to attend one of the 120+ education sessions covering the latest school nutrition trends, network with seasoned professionals in the industry, explore more than 880 booths in the Exhibit Hall–all while earning training hours. Use our “Dear Supervisor” letter to share all of the benefits of attending with your boss and help make your case to attend, and we hope to see you in Vegas!

2. Don’t Forget to Join the Celebration on May 4!

Don’t forget, May 4, School Lunch Hero Day is this Friday. For last minute ideas to celebrate your #LunchHeroes, download activity sheets and cards for both staff and students to gift your everyday heroes. Remember, SNA wants to join the celebration! Connect with us on social media by tagging us on Facebook @SchoolNutritionAssociation, Instagram @SchoolNutritionAssoc, and Twitter @SchoolLunch while using #LunchHeroes - we may share your content.

3. SNA Certificate Program – New Bridge Level Launching in July 2018

Are you ready for the launch of the new Level 2 Certificate in School Nutrition? The SNA Certificate Program helps provide professional growth for over 19,000 school nutrition professionals across the country. The new Level 2 will launch in July 2018 and will serve as a “bridge” between the current Level 1 and Level 2. The goal of this new level is to help members have a more realistic professional development path.

4. Ethics are Critical to Your Program

In today's world, ethics and ethical behavior have never been more important. There seems to be no end of coverage on the people who are getting it wrong. Which is why it's critical that school nutrition professionals get it right. Check out SNA's new online ethics training module and find out why over 240 people have taken this course.

To learn more and to review purchasing options, visit www.schoolnutrition.org/ethics.

5. May is a Memorable Month for Webinars!

We all want to be the best versions of ourselves, and whether you like it or not, if others around you perceive you as emotionally unavailable, your other strengths may be overshadowed. Join us May 9 to explore emotional intelligence (EQ) and how improving your EQ can allow your best qualities to shine through. Later in the month, we explore two additional webinars, gleaning insight into training a generationally diverse staff on May 16, and preparing for emergencies on May 23. Lucky us, there are five weeks in May, so we will finish off with a popular topic from LAC earlier this year:  procurement ethics on May 30. Learn more about all the webinars SNA has to offer visiting www.schoolnutrition.org/webinars.

6. Last Chance to Recruit Before the 2017-18 Membership Year Ends!

We have the opportunity to win big this spring and to strengthen our association and boost membership! Our mission is to recruit as many new members and retain as many current members as possible to meet or exceed our 3% membership growth goal by May 31, 2018. Our state association could be the Membership Division Champion!

Plus, if you recruit members, you can win, too! If you bring in 5 or more new members to SNA this year through the Annual Membership Campaign, you will be entered into a drawing to win 1 of 5 registrations to ANC 2019 in St. Louis! For more information about the Annual Membership Campaign and how you can win big by recruiting, visit  www.schoolnutrition.org/amc.

7. Read the Latest Nutrition Research From the Journal of Child Nutrition & Management

Is it possible to incentivize eating fruits and veggies? What role does taste play in a student’s food decisions and eating experiences? What are some specific issues that rural nutrition professional face when operating their meal programs? In the latest edition of the Journal of Child Nutrition & Management, these questions, and more, are answered with in-depth, and thorough research articles.

8. USDA FNS Releases Final Rule on Processing Donated Foods

The United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Food and Nutrition Service (FNS) has issued a Final Rule on Revisions and Clarifications in Requirements for the Processing of Donated Foods. FNS issued a proposed rule for public comment January 5, 2017. SNA submitted comments to USDA FNS on March 6, 2017, requesting additional resources and training to address the needs of all stakeholders involved.

The Rule requires multi-state processors to enter into National Processing Agreements to process donated foods into end products, permits processors to substitute commercially purchased beef and pork of U.S. origin and of


equal or better quality for donated beef and pork, and streamlines and modernizes oversight of inventories of donated foods at processors. It is effective July 2, 2018.

9. USDA FNS Announces PLE Guidance for SY 2018-19

As part of FY 2018 spending bill, Congress provided that only school food authorities (SFAs) with a negative balance in their school foodservice account as of January 31, 2018, will be required to raise prices for paid lunches under the Paid Lunch Equity (PLE) provisions in the Richard B. Russell National School Lunch Act.  Read USDA’s memo.

10. U.S. House Agriculture Committee Farm Bill
The U.S. House Agriculture Committee held a markup of the 2018 Farm Bill on Wednesday, April 18. Among other provisions, Title 4 of the bill legislates nutrition programs such as SNAP and National School Lunch Commodities. The five-hour discussion centered around changes to SNAP, including new work requirements and elimination of Broad-Based Categorical Eligibility, which may impact school nutrition program direct certification in some states.

According to a Center on Budget Policy and Priorities report, the Congressional Budget Office has indicated that 265,000 students will be impacted by the elimination of Categorical Eligibility and resulting loss of access to SNAP. No longer directly certified through SNAP, parents of these students will be required to complete an application and reestablish access to free school meals.

The bill passed Committee by a vote of 26-20. Committee Chairman, Rep. Mike Conaway, stated that he plans to bring the bill to the House floor in May for a full vote. The farm bill covers five years of funding and policy changes and is due for reauthorization in 2019. SNA continues to monitor progress on the bill and urge House and Senate Agriculture Committee members to push for an expansion of USDA Foods to support the School Breakfast Program as part of the bill.

11. Have You Visited the Food Allergy Resource Center?

We have food allergy experts on standby for your most pressing food allergy questions. Visit SNA’s Food Allergy Resources Center to ask a specific question you’ve always been curious about. You will receive a reply from a dedicated National Peanut Board Food Allergy Expert. You will also find food allergy webinars, FAQs and tons of reliable resources from the associations, academies and networks you trust most.


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