For the 2019-20 year, the SNA Board of Directors has approved small increases for the membership processing fee and Certificate program fees.
As of October 1, 2019, the processing fee will be changed to $2.50, reflecting the ongoing costs of doing business.  The membership processing fee had been unchanged since 2014 and SNA continues to strive to keep costs down, while still providing high-quality member benefits.
Also effective on October 1, 2019, the Certificate program fees will increase as outlined below.  The changes apply to new Certificate applications, renewals and reinstatement's.  SNA members can take advantage of the newly launched Training Zone, to find a variety of resources to help earn a new certificate or level up! The Training Zone includes educational webinars, comprehensive training modules, CEU tracking tools and more.

The new Certificate program prices are:
New Certificate Applications
Level 1 $18 (from $17)
Level 2 $21 (from $20)
Level 3 $23 (from $22)
Level 4 $33 (from $32)
Certificate Renewals
Level 1 $12 (from $11)
Level 2 $13 (from $12)
Level 3 $15 (from $13)
Level 4 $17 (from $15)
Certificate Reinstatements
Level 1 $30 (from $28)
Level 2 $34 (from $32)
Level 3 $38 (from $35)
Level 4 $50 (from $47)

Alabama SNA Salutes 100% Membership Schools

An active membership is the lifeblood of every organization and ASNA values each member. Through their volunteer efforts and support, ASNA is able to provide outstanding professional development training and keep the mission of Child Nutrition in the forefront of legislative activities in Washington.

Member Benefits

Enhance and further your career in many ways including:


  • Enhance and further your career through SNA Certification and Credentialing
  • Increase your wealth of knowledge with professional development materials and up-to-date industry news 
  • Express your concerns and show your support of child nutrition programs to local, state and national government officials 
  • Network with industry peers, share information and discover best practices to apply in your programs at SNA conferences and through the Online Communities 
  • Receive a subscription to SNA’s award-winning publication School Nutrition magazine 
  • Take advantage of scholarship and grant opportunities
  • Enjoy a variety of members only discounts on products and programs, including Emporium purchases, conference registrations, latest research findings, SNA Certification
  • Access members only information on the SNA website including additional news and talking points, Online Communities, archives of School Nutrition, Tuesday Morning and several "Tools You Can Use" such as the Promotional Calendar

AS of 2019-2020 ASNA HOD voted to increase State dues to $25.00 per year.

Click Here to Download the State and National Membership application 

Membership Recruitment

Help Enlist New Members of School Nutrition Association!  SNA has created tools to help promote the importance of membership in SNA.

School District Owned Membership (SDM):
A membership that is owned by a school district (or state agency) in the name of an individual. This membership can be transferred to another employee in the same membership category if the original member/person leaves the district. SDM allows you to group all of your memberships together so that you can receive one invoice for all of your renewals once or twice a year (or as requested).The SDM is managed by a designated administrator within the school district (or state agency). SDM members still receive all the same benefits of individual membership. For more information, please visit: www.schoolnutrition.org/sdm.

For a full guide about SDM, please visit: www.schoolnutrition.org/sdmguide.


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